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Make sure you have the best dance moves for your wedding

You have thoroughly prepared for your wedding. You have brought together all those minute details you’ve considered and re-considered a thousand times. You now have the perfect flowers, the most amazing dress and you also know exactly how many people you’ll have at your wedding.

Are you ready to dance, though? If you are not very confident in your dancing skills, here are a few dance steps to help you make it through the reception in a truly spectacular way:

  • The basic box step. This is the very foundation of dance itself – and the best part about it is that it works with every single slow song there is on Earth. Including your first dance song, of course! We highly advise you learn the basic box step before plunging in any intricate choreographies – it will be like the ABC of dancing as a couple.

  • Salsa. If you want to turn some heads at your wedding and make guests really want to join the dance floor, salsa is also a must. At first, it might seem confusing for someone who has never danced it before. But, as you rehearse with your fiancé, you will see that, as beautiful as this dance is, as simple it can be.

  • The Charleston. Planning a vintage-inspired wedding? You will definitely want to play at least a few songs inspired by the Roaring Twenties – and the Charleston is the very basic step you can learn to make it through these tunes. Rehearse it a little with your future spouse and you will definitely impress your guests!

Still on the lookout for the right wedding DJ and entertainer? You should come and see what J&M Entertainment has to offer! With our experience and talent, we guarantee you will not be disappointed in any way!

Photo source: auchard

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