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Allow your hairstyle as the bride to accompany your wedding dress

Your bridal look is more than important for you. After all, you don’t get married every day – and looking flawless at your wedding is absolutely a must for you as a bride-to-be. Of course, your dress, your shoes, your wedding accessories – they are all crucial when brought together to create the perfect look.

But your hairstyle is definitely one of the most important elements of your wedding day appearance. How do you make sure you pull off the perfect style for your wedding dress? Read on and find out more.

  • If you are a classic bride (e.g. you are wearing a round neck dress), you will want to create a hairstyle that’s just as classy and stylish as your entire appearance. We suggest you settle for an elegant, sleek up-do (a chignon, for example). Add a beautiful, timeless hair piece to your style and you will look absolutely gorgeous!

  • If you are the kind of bride that’s more inclined to love boho-chic styles (e.g. you are wearing a boho-chic dress made with lace and delicate embroidery, but with a looser fit), you should find a hairstyle that’s just as “hippy” as your dress. For example, a braided up-do with hairs left out will look stunning on you – especially if you add a boho-chic hair accessory!

  • Last, but definitely not least, if you’re a bride in love with high fashion, your hairstyle should talk about this. You have most likely chosen a dress that goes beyond the ordinary and steps into the fine land of “runway fashion”, so your hairstyle should definitely make a statement. Talk to your hairstylist about creating something truly unique!

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Photo source: Bellafaye Garden

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