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Allow your wedding to be full of colorful details!

Whoever said weddings have to come in whites and nudes had no idea of just how such an event can be when you add a bit of color to the mix. In fact, weddings that incorporate a little pop of color in their color scheme are more personal, more unique and definitely more vibrant – so it’s truly a great idea to add a little color to your wedding décor.

How to do it and still keep things stylish? Here are some tips to inspire you:

  • Ribbons. Colorful ribbons look whimsical and magical, and they can be used in various wedding spots. For example, you could create a fairytale inspired wedding ceremony backdrop with long, wavy ribbons. Or you could decorate the “sweethearts table” with ribbons in colors that match the rest of the décor.

  • Shoes. Your bridal footwear is obviously important to you – so why not take this as another chance to add color to your Big Day? A bright yellow, a deep jewel tone or a passionate shade of red can really make your entire wedding look pop with personality and style!

  • Patterns. Some brides are afraid of using patterns, thinking it will look like “too much”. When used correctly, though, patterns can really spice things up and make it all more original. For example, having your bridesmaids wear gorgeous flower-patterned dresses will be more than suitable for a spring or summer wedding – and it will make them look stunningly beautiful too, complementing the entire wedding décor!

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Photo source: MsSaraKelly

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