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Do you know how to pick a date for your wedding?

Your wedding is one of the biggest, most life-changing and most amazing experiences of your life. Of course you want everything about it to be perfect! Before you jump into choosing the curtains for your venue and the flowers for your boutonnieres, though, do make sure you choose a wedding date that really suits your idea of a “dream wedding”.

How do you do that? Read on and find out more.

  • Think of your ideal wedding. Does it happen during the summer? Or are you more of a spring couple? Maybe you want your wedding to take place in the fall, with all its romantic color surrounding you? Start by choosing your wedding season and narrow it down from thereon.

  • Think of meaningful dates. Some couples choose to get married on (or near) the date at which the proposal was made. Others choose a birthday or a special anniversary to guide them through the calendar. If you have a special date in mind, see if it’s not possible to set the wedding then.

  • Think of your guests’ accessibility. If you know your guests will have to travel to reach your wedding, avoid setting your date during the holiday season, for example. Also, it is generally a safe idea to avoid large celebrations people usually spend with their families (e.g. Christmas or Thanksgiving).

  • Think of the time of the day. Although the majority of the weddings take place during the evening, this doesn’t have to be your case too – not if you don’t want it. Having a daytime wedding can frequently be more special, less expensive and more alcohol-free – which is precisely what some couples are looking for.

Still searching for the best entertainment for your Big Day? No worries! J&M Entertainment is precisely what you need – so contact us, find out more about our services and book us for your unforgettable wedding!

Photo source: SixteenEighteen

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