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It is important that your capture each moment of your wedding ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is one of the most special events of your life – and while you may not be able to keep it alive forever (or travel back in time, for that matter), it is definitely possible to preserve everything in a truly beautiful and romantic way.

What are some of the most important moments to capture during your wedding ceremony? Read on, find out more, and talk to your videographer about it!

  • The sweet moments between you and your father. Daughters and fathers will always have a very emotional relationship – so it is definitely important to capture a “First Look” with your dad, the moment he hugs you, the moment he “gives you away”. These tear-inducing minutes will be among the most beautiful ones of your life.

  • The ceremony itself. Your ceremony will be a rollercoaster of emotions; from the moment you walk down the aisle to the moment you make your exit as a married couple. Be sure the officiant’s speech, the wedding vows, the exchange of the rings, as well as the grand pronouncement of the marriage and the kiss are all captured in a way that’s full of personality and candor.

  • The bridal party. These people are your closest relatives. Your best friends. The people whom you chose to stand by you as you spell out the two most important words of your life: I Do. Naturally, you want them to be part of the wedding movie – so be sure to talk to your videographer about this too.

Searching for a dedicated, experienced and talented videographer or wedding entertainer in California? Come visit J&M Entertainment and take a look at the amazing services we could offer you for your Big Day. Come visit us and you will never regret your choice!

Photo source: Sarah_Ackerman

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