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Your color scheme should reflect your summer wedding beautifully

We’re in the middle of summer and weddings are all around us. If you are one of the lucky couples getting married during the warm months of this season, you are surely more than excited about the Big Day ahead of you.

Of course, you want to be absolutely certain your wedding will look gorgeous – and the color scheme you choose should be an important element of this. What color combinations are there for a superb summer wedding? Read on and find out more.

  • Pool blue and deep red. If you want to strike the perfect combination between “cool” and “passionate”, settle for a combination of cool, pool blue and vibrant, bright red. For example, dressing your bridesmaids in pale blue will bring a vintage touch into your wedding, while creating red centerpieces in blue vases will make everything look really stylish and lively at the same time.

  • Black, white and mustard. They say black and white combinations will never go out of fashion – but if you want to bring just a pop of color into the Big Day, you should definitely add a brighter color into the mix. Mustard is stylish, warm and really unique – and it will look really amazing with black and white, so it’s an option to consider.

  • Pink and navy. We will always associate summer weddings with navy-white and navy-red combinations. How about you settle on a similar color scheme, but with a twist? Fuchsia and navy look amazing together – and there are so many ways to incorporate these two colors that it will be impossible not to create something spectacularly beautiful!

J&M Entertainment understands just how important your wedding is for you. This is precisely why we always go the extra-mile to make sure our brides and grooms are fully happy with our disc jockey, entertainment and photography services. If you are searching for a true wedding entertainment pro in California, be sure to contact us and let’s talk about your wedding day! You will not regret it!

Photo source: KESUPRODuction

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