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Getting ready on your big day should be fun! Here are some ideas to for you and your bridesmaids:

You and your bridesmaids are about to form a connection nobody will ever be able to break: they are about to be the ones announcing your grand walk down the aisle, the ones to stand by you as you say “I Do” and the ones to help you throughout the entire wedding day too. These special ladies really do deserve the very best.

How to have some fun with your bridesmaids when you are getting ready? We have gathered some inspiring ideas – so read on and find out more.

  • Men’s shirts. Want to add a touch of uniqueness to your “Getting Ready” photo shoot? Get men’s shirts in matching colors for your bridesmaids and a more special colored one for you. To make them even more personal, add your embroidered monogram to the shirts – they will look amazing!

  • Emergency kits. Offer one of these to each of your bridesmaids and they will definitely love the idea. The emergency kits can be “wrapped” in fancy clutch purses and they should contain everything a woman might need in case of an “emergency” (from tampons to bobby pins and from deodorant to stain removers).

  • Hangers. Your bridesmaids will want to look gorgeous on your wedding day – and their dresses are a very important part of this. To make things more fun, offer your bridesmaids personalized hangers (with their names or with “bridesmaids” on them). They will look really cute and stylish – and they will also make for some pretty great pictures too!

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Photo source: PrincessAshley

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