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Choose unique wedding centerpieces to wow your guests!

Your wedding is bound to be one of the most amazing and unforgettable events in your life – so you surely want all of its details to be graceful, elegant and truly unique. Considering your wedding centerpieces are a very important part of the décor, you surely want them to look spectacular and to really wow your guests too – but how do you do that?

We have gathered some unique wedding centerpieces ideas to help you with this – so read on and inspire yourself.

  • White spring blooms and greenery runner. Planning a rustic-chic wedding? Pair the depth and roughness of the wooden tables with floral runners made with delicate elements: hydrangeas, roses, white magnolia flowers and lush greenery that will accentuate the naturalness of your wedding.

  • Bright pink and deep greens. Want to make your wedding tables pop with stylishness and youthfulness? Replace traditional vase centerpieces with floral runners made from bright pink garden roses and peonies. Pair everything with deep-green leaves and white blooms that will “tame down” the arrangement and add a classic, elegant note.

  • White flowers and romantic candles. If you want to create a truly elegant and dreamy space for your Big Day, settle on floral runners that incorporate luxurious white blooms aplenty (such as white hydrangeas, for example). Complement the elegance and classiness of the white blooms with deep-green moss and big, white candles incorporated in the runner. This will look absolutely gorgeous and it will surely create an out-of-this-world ambiance!

Searching for a team that can truly entertain your guests in grand style? J&M Entertainment can be there for your Californian wedding! Contact us, find out more about our lighting, staging and design, disc jockey, videography and wedding entertainment services! We guarantee you will not be disappointed by us!

Photo source: Didriks

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