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Be unique and create an alternative to the traditional wedding cake for your dessert!

The wedding cake has become so common at weddings that it feels almost impossible to miss out on this wedding element. And yet, there’s truly nobody to tell you that you have to have a wedding cake. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of alternatives to the traditional wedding cake – and they are all absolutely delicious. Read on and inspire yourself:

  • Doughnut tower. Comfort foods have become really popular at weddings – and we can definitely see why. They are a fail-safe option, they are delicious and they are versatile enough to be “altered” in an elegant way. A doughnut tower is one of the comfort food options that’s guaranteed to be appreciated by everyone – and it can definitely be an excellent alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

  • Cheese and fruit. Want to replace the cake with something sophisticated and really tasty? Plan a cheese bar and serve guests with different types of cheese, fruit and nuts. Don’t forget to pair everything with the right wines too – it can make for an excellent treat for all of your guests!

  • Mini fruit pies. We all love them and they are more than perfect for a rustic wedding – so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t serve fruit pies at your wedding. To make it easy for your guests (and to complement your wedding in a unique way), we suggest you settle for mini, hand-sized versions of your favorite pies. They will be more than appreciated!

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Photo source: cocoinzenl

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