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Package your wedding favors in a unique way!

Your wedding favors don’t have to be expensive – but they do have to be from the heart. These small tokens of your gratitude are a very warm way of thanking your guests for their presence at your wedding – and they are also a wonderful opportunity to add uniqueness and elegance to your wedding too.

How to package them in a very special way that will wow your guests? We have some ideas for you – so read on if you need inspiration.

  • Glass jars. Already a staple (especially in rustic-chic weddings), glass jars are wonderful for a thousand-and-one reasons – the most important one being their versatility. Wrap them, cover them with cute messages and fill them with delicious treats – such as cookie ingredients, homemade jams, natural honey or anything else you may want to offer your guests.

  • Linen pouches. Inexpensive and cute, linen pouches can “hide” sweets, cookies, special coffee beans and even flower seeds in them. What’s more, they are extremely easy to personalize – all you need is a custom-made stamp and a bit of time to spend on adding your “mark” to all of these lovely wedding favor packages.

  • Tin boxes. Planning a wedding with a retro touch? Tin boxes are amazing for your wedding favors, then! They can be personalized with pop-art, but they can also be personalized in a more romantic and elegant way (and all you need are some pretty labels to stick on these versatile boxes).

  • Take-out boxes. If you want to add a very unique touch to your wedding favors, pack them in classic take-out boxes. Succulents, pop tarts, cupcakes – anything can be packaged in these boxes. Even more, this packaging idea is very easy to personalize – just add prints, stamps and/or special bows to make them really yours.

Searching for fantastic wedding entertainment for your Californian wedding? Contact J&M Entertainment and we will be there to make sure both you and your guests have loads of fun on your Big Day!

Photo source: rosietulips

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