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Consider a “cool” treat for your Spring or Summer wedding!

Summer is right around the corner – and together with it, we are not only looking forward to the hot days of June, July and August, but we are also excited about a new peak wedding season too. If you are among the couples planning a summer wedding, you definitely want everything about it to be absolutely flawless – and you surely want to provide your guests with treats that will satisfy their sweet teeth and cool them as well.

How to do that? How to incorporate ice cream into your summer wedding? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Popsicles. Delicious popsicles are loved by everyone – but if you want to add a fancy twist, make them with cocktail ingredients. Nobody can refuse a delicious champagne popsicle on a hot summer day!

  • Ice cream cart. If you want to add a playful, childish and absolutely irresistibly delicious touch to your big day, consider the option of renting an ice cream cart. Regardless of their age, your guests will love indulging in these sweet treats and they will definitely ask for more!

  • Cake. Who says your cake has to be traditional? Serve your guests with a mouth-watering ice cream version of a wedding cake and they will be more than surprised. This is the kind of wedding desert they will remember forever – not to mention it will make the kids more than happy too!

Searching for ways to entertain your guests in grand style? Contact J&M Entertainment and leave your wedding entertainment into our experienced hands! With us on your side, you and your guests are bound to have the time of your lives! Contact us and have a wedding nobody will ever forget!

Photo source: tydog1

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