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These cozy ideas will add some warmth to your wedding!

Planning a wedding during the chillier months of the year can bring with it extra-details to be handled. Even so, it will be worth it for a couple who is deeply in love with the cozy feeling only the cooler seasons can offer!

How to make your wedding feel warm and comfortable in chilly weather? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more to inspire yourself for the big day.

  • Yarn-wrapped wedding favors. Offering favors is a great idea if you want to show guests how thankful you are for their presence. But making them suit your wedding theme is even better, as it will contribute to creating the perfect wedding day décor too! We suggest you wrap your wedding gifts in yarn (or wind a bit of yarn around the boxes) to add a very “home-like” feeling to the entire décor.

  • Tweed flowers for the wedding party. Forget about traditional boutonnieres for the groomsmen and offer some cute tweed flowers both for your groomsmen and for your bridesmaids. It will be a very nice touch to bring their looks together!

  • Woolen bouquet. Instead of a more modern bouquet wrap, opt for a Victorian-inspired bouquet created with wool and lace. It will look so unique and stylish everyone at your wedding will absolutely love it!

  • Cozy fabrics for the chairs. Want to make your guests’ seats truly comfortable? Wrap them in cozy fabrics, rather than satin or other “traditional” options. The casual and stylish look they will offer your wedding will be amazing!

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Photo source: roxydynamite

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