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Take a look at these top secrets to a happy marriage!

Fairy tales do happen. They might not start with Prince Charming on a white horse and they do not always end with a Palace Wedding – but they do happen. Look at that old couple you know and you will understand that fairy tales are as real as it gets.

What are the secret ingredients to a happy marriage? We have gathered some of them right below – so read on and find out more if you want your future (or current) marriage to be truly fulfilling and happy.

  • Do things together. It doesn’t matter if it’s about vacuuming the house or running errands at the grocery shop. The more you do together, the more intimate you will be with each other. Sure, having date nights and spending time with each other are all great – but doing those small chores together can actually bring you even closer.

  • Know how to fight. We’re sorry to be the ones breaking this to you, but there’s no marriage without small quarrels. And while you may not be able to control this, you can however control how violent and upsetting these fights are. Try to keep yourselves positive even when you are arguing and your fights are going to be less violent and more likely to end sooner.

  • Keep boredom away. Keep it away from your lives and from your sexual activity too. Getting bored can be really dangerous for a relationship, so keep this away from you as much as possible. Go and see new places, be adventurous and keep your sexual life happy, active and “new”.

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Photo source: Grand Velas Riviera Maya

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