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Don't miss out on these current wedding music trends!

Your wedding music is such an important part of the Big Day! Choose the wrong music and your guests will be either bored or completely annoyed. Pick the right songs and your guests will really have the time of their lives on the dance floor. Music also creates a special ambiance at the ceremony and reception and you will surely want to be extra-attentive to how you decide on choosing yours.

What are some of the most important wedding music trends to keep in mind? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more if you want your Big Day to be truly memorable!

  • The New-School DJs. Avoid hiring DJs who only use their computers to spin the music and settle for someone who provides you with a good mix of equipment pieces. A great New-School DJ will use a turntable, a CDJ and/or a controller that will allow him to manually mix all the songs. This will make your music flow better and it will add creativity into the picture, so that guests really enjoy their time spent at your wedding.

  • Unconventional music for the ceremony. “Here comes the bride” may be among the most popular wedding songs in the Western Hemisphere – but in 2016, you should focus on something that truly speaks about you. Your ceremony music should be representative of who you are and what your relationship is all about, so don’t shy away from choosing songs that are unconventional, but meaningful.

  • Complementing everything with lighting. Same as the music you choose, your wedding lighting has the immense power of transforming your wedding space and making it truly spectacular. Complement your music with great lighting and you’ll have a wedding reception that’s genuinely unforgettable!

Searching for an amazing DJ? Contact J & M Entertainment and see what our company offers! With our experience and true passion on your side, your wedding is bound to be so great!


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