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Do you know the difference between a DJ, MC and HOST MC? Take a look:

As the hosts of your wedding, you will want to provide your guests with the very best there is. You will want them to eat the best food, taste the most delicious cake, have the most amazing drinks and, ultimately, have the time of their lives.

Your wedding entertainment is absolutely crucial when it comes to this – and what’s even more important is making sure you hire the right people to help your guests have fun. For example, do you know the difference between a DJ, MC and a Host MC?

We have gathered some of the essential things you should know about this, so that you hire the perfect person for your Big Day. Read on, find out more and plan a wedding your guests will genuinely love!

  • The DJ (or a Disk Jockey) is the person who spins songs at your wedding. Hiring a high-quality DJ is extremely important because he will help you create the perfect ambiance both for the wedding ceremony and for the reception as well.

  • Furthermore, the MC (Master of Ceremonies) is the person who will make the important announcements during your wedding. In most of the cases, the DJ can play this role too – and the main difference between him and a standalone MC is the music (the Master of Ceremonies will not play music when making announcements).

  • Last, but not least, a host MC’s role is very similar to that of a Master of Ceremonies. However, the term “host MC” is more frequently associated with persons who have more time on the stage and are on the more entertaining side, rather than being very official (like an MC for a very formal event, for example).

Searching for the best entertainment providers for your wedding day? Come and visit J&M Entertainment and choose from the amazing variety of options we offer! Contact us and hire an entertainer who will truly know how to listen to your wishes and make them come true on your magical wedding day!

Photo source: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism


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