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Wedding Bar Tips

Tuesday Tips @ 2 – Wedding Bar Tips

Knowing our type of brides & grooms we know that you are going to want to have fun at your wedding. Since you have hired us, we also know how important it is to you to make sure your guests are having an amazing time at your wedding. Here are some tips to keep your cost down at your bar, without coming across cheap.

1.) Wine & Beer Only – Most wedding venues will allow you to select which drinks you would like to have served at your bar. This way you can still treat your guests to a nice drink without hurting your pocket book

2.) Signature Cocktails Only – Signature Cocktails at your wedding are not only a great way to showcase your personalities & wedding theme, but also a great way to cut your costs at the bar. This limits the amount of alcohol being consumed and allows you to select a cheaper mix or liquor.

3.) Selective Open Bar – During the cocktail hour have an open bar and then during the reception serve only beer & wine.

4.) Cocktail Hour Only – Another great option is to do an open bar during your cocktail hour only. Then have the bar turn to a cash bar (guests pay for drink) during the reception.

5.) Dollar Amount Open Bar – Most venues will allow you to put a certain amount down towards your open bar. So lets say you only wanted to spend $2000 towards your bar. Once your $2000 has been reached the bar will then turn to a cash bar (guest pay for drinks).

There are so many amazing options for your to have a blast at your wedding without hurting your pocket book.

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