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3 Simple Ways to Glam Up your Wedding

Welcome to J&M’s Tuesday Tips @ 2. Here are a few wedding tips on how to glam-up your #wedding without spending a ton of money.

1.) Wedding Up-lighting Up-lighting your reception can completely change the look & feel of your wedding. It will take a boring wedding reception hall and turn it into a glamorous wedding.

2.) White Dance Floor There is just something about a white dance floor that makes everything look clean and glamorous at your wedding. Your first dance pictures will be amazing as you both dance under the sparkling chandelier.

3.) Gobo & Pin Spots These two options are really simple but add a dramatic effect. #Brides love gobo’s. A gobo is usually a monogram of your initials, or your name in lights. It looks amazing on your dance floor or above your head table. Pin Spot lighting on your centerpieces make them stand out and shine.

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