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The Best Wedding Tip I Wish I'd Gotten

We are sure you have probably received tons of advice & tips during your wedding planning process (both solicited and unsolicited). The best advice can sometimes be learned through others unfortunate mistakes. If we had a dollar for every time someone said they wished they would have hired a professional to do their wedding video we would be very rich.

One bride told us that her fiance had a friend who would do their wedding video for free & he was in the movie industry, and had an awesome video camera. When she finally watched the wedding video she said she cried. The friend who was a “pro” missed the shot of her walking down the aisle because he did not calculate that everyone was going to stand when she came in the room.

We had another bride whose grandma passed away after the wedding & she wished she had the video of her grandma's speech during the toast. She also wished she could see her grandma happy and dancing on the dance floor. Those were priceless memories.

Last Story... we had a bride tell us that she wished she could have seen the funny things the flower girl did when walking down the aisle at her wedding. She spent so much time, energy, and money planning the wedding it would be unfortunate that she missed many of the details before she even walked down the aisle.

So let us save you the trouble, so that you won’t feel the regret these brides felt after their wedding. Hire a professional wedding videographer. Not your friend, not your uncle, not the neighbor who has an HD camera. We have several video packages, and would be happy to capture all those priceless memories for you. Give us a call to hear about our August specials 310-275-6995

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